Mona Vanderwaal Appreciation Week ‘14: 

Day 1: Favourite Season: Season 5

"I got early acceptance letters from three colleges, but I still have to survive senior year. And I can’t do it alone.”

Pretty Little Liars + Red

Thomas really loves his uncle Jensen [x / x]


now I’m ready for the last hurrah

mona vanderwaal appreciation week → day one: favourite season

@ladygaga: Ears are back she was mad at mommy for leaving but it’s ok I gave her a pink couch and she forgave me.



4x12 foreshadowing 5x12:
A finally killed Mona with the girls to blame.

Quoting Marlene King: “This death has been in the works for more than a year — it’s been a very well-thought plan. It wasn’t like ‘spin the dial and see who gets killed.”

Mona’s death has indeed been planned for over a year!

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